Recovering from unexpected reboot into Quick Setup

If your ReplayTV unexpectedly reboots into Quick Setup mode, it may be possible to retain all the setup info and existing recordings that are on the hard drive by following the steps below.

From the AVS Forum threads: and


Posted by l8er on 10-18-04 10:17 PM:

Unexpected Quick Setup Recovery

Following a reboot this afternoon, one of my ReplayTVs entered Quick Setup. This had me worried, since there were a couple of dozen shows recorded, including some of my wife's favorites.

So I did a search here and came up with a Jeff D thread that outlined how to recover and save the shows:

It still required Ethernet/Modem info and ReplayTV Name info but everything else was still there, including the Replay Guide and all recorded shows. Thanks, Jeff!


Posted by Jeff D on 08-09-04 01:55 AM:

Possible way to save shows when ReplayTV does a Factory Reset

I came across what may be a back door in the software that could save your recordings if you box ever does a factory reset itself.

I can't say this will work for anyone but it did work for me.

In the past my testing of the factory reset it has been reported that you shows are still there until you get to a specific point in the quick setup.

Here's how I found the way around the quick setup...

On the QS there's on zones option that works, 382-zone.
When presented with the factory reset option select exit.
For me this took me to the choice of modem or Ethernet connection to download data.
I selected exit once again
I was now on the 3 choices screen where I was able to bring up the Replay Guide and there it was...
All my shows still there in the guide.

Everything still appears to be intact and the replay did not delete any of the key files, the mpeg partition is still unreset.

If anyone ever needs this I hope you can report back on your results. I don't have any real good way to verify this myself. I don't want to lose any shows on any of my other replays.