Revert to a previous ReplayTV software version without re-imaging

From AVS Forum:

For those of you who have ReplayTV(s) that have been upgraded to 144 and would like to revert to your previous software build, what follows is a way to do that without losing your recordings etc. There are a few caveats:

1) Do NOT use this method unless you are SURE your ReplayTV software has been upgraded from one build to another. When the ReplayTV downloads new software, it maintains a copy of the version you were running immediately prior to the upgrade in case something goes wrong. This method tricks the ReplayTV into booting to that older copy. Obviously, if there is no older copy (for instance if the ReplayTV shipped with the newest software), this procedure will fail such that a re-image will be required.

2) As mentioned above, this method will cause a reversion to whatever software build your ReplayTV was running prior to the build 144 upgrade, be it build 19, 140, etc. If you want to revert to a build other than the last one your ReplayTV booted before 144, then you are going to have to re-image with that build.

3) You will probably want to use this information in conjuntion with the 2 blocking methods mentioned in this thread--i.e. the WiRNS NoSoftwareUpdate.dll plugin and the DisableSoftwareDownload regedit value to prevent future upgrades. Also, note that these methods may become ineffective at some point.

DISCLAIMER. Warning! This procedure, while tested successfully on a few ReplayTVs (YMMV, of course), does involve some degree of risk. Please understand that if something goes wrong, you will likely have to re-image your ReplayTV's hard drive--losing all recordings etc. Moreover, while unlikely, it is possible that this procedure could render your ReplayTV permanently inoperable. I will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the use or misuse of this information. Use at your own risk!

If after reading the above you are still comfortable proceeding, the instructions are as follows:

1) Add the following commands to your shellcmds file (as documented elsewhere):


mv boot.state boot.state.bak

2) Run WIRNS and GetShellCommands (as documented elsewhere) and net connect with the ReplayTV for which you would like the software to revert. If you have other ReplayTVs on your network that you do NOT want to revert, make sure that they aren't configured to connect via WiRNS (or simply disconnect their ethernet cables while you are doing this). Otherwise, they could net connect during this time and be downgraded as well.

3) Once the net connect completes, SHUTDOWN WiRNS. Remove the two commands above from your "shellcmds" file before continuing to use WiRNS. If you fail to do so, the next time the ReplayTV net connects will be its last until you re-image the drive.

4) Reboot your ReplayTV. When it boots up, check 411-zones, and you should see that you are running whatever build you had prior to the build 144 upgrade.

Explanation of the procedure: the "cdsys" command automatically changes to whatever sys directory the ReplayTV is currently running from (i.e. sys1 or sys2). The "mv boot.state boot.state.bak" command renames a file critical to the boot process, which causes the ReplayTV to think the current software is corrupt and revert to the backup on the next reboot. I should note here that during the successful tests I mentioned above the "boot.state" file was completely removed (instead of just renamed) by using "rm boot.state" instead. While either should work, I believe it is probably a bit safer to rename the file; however, it is your choice. Again, I am not responsible if something goes wrong.

Good luck!

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