ReplayTV related downloads available or referenced to here:


The RTVPatch program is a valuable tool to either upgrade to a new or larger drive, or to upgrade to a dual drive ReplayTV.  For more on using RTVPatch, see:  Re-imaging with RTVPatch.  The program, RTVPatch, as well as original documentation on use of the program is available at the RTVPatch site on SourceForge.  Version 2.5.3 of RTVPatch, (March 2005), is available here, and the older version, 2.4 is also available here

Various ReplayTV Image Files:

(ShowStoppers were sold under 3 different model names, all of which are hardware equivalent to the 3000 series ReplayTVs.)

ReplayTV 20XX Series: (48 MB)
ReplayTV 30XX and ShowStoppers:  Showstopper& (39 MB)
ReplayTV 40XX/45XX (current software - there is no newer software in existence): (55 MB)
ReplayTV 40XX/45XX (older software): (77 MB)
ReplayTV 50XX/55XX (current software - there is no newer software in existence): (75 MB)
ReplayTV 50XX/55XX (older/stable and/or to retain CA/IVS in 55XX): (302 MB) or (71 MB)

For more on using a ReplayTV image file, see:  How do you use a downloaded image?

Hard Drive Manufacturer Utilities:

Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics - go to Support, Software Downloads, Desktop Storage, DiamondMax Family or Maxtor Other, Diagnostics, Powermax.
Powermax (to make a bootable diskette) is also available here, or a bootable ISO image is available here.

Seagate Sea Tools Diagnostics

Other Maxtor Utilities:
Acoustic Management Utility (amset)

Write Verification Utility (wvset)

Some of these may require the creation of a boot diskette to run.  If you have another brand of drive, the manufacturer diagnostic software is usually available from the manufacturer site, under support and then downloads or software.


A useful collection of software for manipulating ReplayTV mpegs is rtvtools.  Here's one link to rtvtools info, and here's a link to Lee Thompson's rtvtools web page.  (If Lee's site is down, click here for a backup location.) Re-imaging only the system partition will not recover recorded shows, as the record of what shows exist on a drive is kept in the system partition.  Re-imaging the system partition wipes out the record of what recorded shows exist so there is no way for the OS to access those shows.  For more on RTVTools, see:  Burning ReplayTV mpegs to DVD


If there are recorded shows on a drive that gets stuck in the reboot loop, the only way to retrieve those shows is by hooking the drive up to a PC and running extract_rtv5 (Here's a link to one of the original extract_rtv info pages. However some, if not most of this page is outdated.)  For more on extract_rtv, see:  ReplayTV stuck at "Please wait..."

Streamfix for recording glitch:

If you've ever had a small glitch in a recording and ended up with the audio slightly out of sync with the video, Jeff D's streamfix may be able to help.  You can download the affected show via DVArchive and use streamfix on the mpeg file and then stream it back to your ReplayTV from DVArchive.  Here's a thread where Jeff D talks about streamfix.

Other Files:

There may be other files available for download in the download directory here (for example:  WinDVA):

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