My ReplayTV is sending each digit 3 times (e.g., 222000666) when it tries to change channels on my Motorola or General Instruments cable box.

This can be fixed easily.

If you come across a case where the instructions below do not correct the problem, you will need to use one of the codes on the bottom of the page as a replacement to code "0015".

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Press the menu button and press select.
  2. Select "Setup"
  3. Select "Change (Network) Dialing and Input settings"
  4. Select the input that you have your cable box assigned to.
  5. Select "Cable Box"
  6. Select your cable lineup
  7. Select "Continue" on the "IR Blaster" page
  8. If you have a ReplayTV 4000 or later, you'll first see a list for General Instruments, Motorola, and Other. Choose Other. Then, you'll see the complete list of Cable box brands.
  9. Select "General Instrument" from the "Cable Box Brand" Page
  10. Select "other" from the list of IR. codes available
  11. Select "0015" and press the ">" (right cursor button)
  12. Select "0015" and press the ">" (right cursor button) one more time
  13. Press the "<" (left cursor button) to get back to the list of General Instruments codes.
  14. Select "0476" (DO NOT SELECT 4476) and press the ">" (right cursor button)
  15. At this point you should be able to select the "Select" button and then
  16. "Keep all settings"

This should flush the code "4476" out and you should be up and running. If not, please use one of the following codes to replace "0015".

2003 Digital Networks North America