ReplayTV Advanced FAQ by PRMan (from AVSForum)

76. Is there any way to fine tune the remote control for my flaky cable box? I have a General Instruments (now Motorola) series box and the IR blaster is very inconsistent. I have a Scientific Atlanta box and it takes 7 seconds to change channels.

You can use fine tuning. On the screen labeled Code Set Selection (or Cable Box Brand), hit Zones. This will give you a screen with fine tune adjustments. The values for General Instruments DCT-1000 and DCT-2000 boxes is as follows (from the AT&T preconfigured Replay boxes):

Enable Fine Tuning: Yes
Codeset: 4476
Send Enter: Yes
Minimum digits to send: 3
Inter-action delay: 0400ms
Response delay: 0200ms
Pre-command delay: 0400ms
Inter-command delay: 0401ms

For Scientific Atlanta boxes, all you need to do is send the number of digits that your cable box displays (for analog boxes, Minimum digits to send is 2, for digital 3).

If you are tweaking for your own device, here's what we think each item means (SOME OF THESE ARE GUESSES):

Send Enter
Determines whether or not to send the Enter key on your cable box or satellite receiver's remote
Minimum digits to send
Let's say you are trying to go to channel 2. If MDTS is 0 or 1, Replay will send "2". If it's 2, it will send "02". If it's 3 it will send "002" and so on.
Inter-action delay
This is the time between the pressing of each digit. Increasing this number often helps if you are dropping digits (recording channel 13 instead of 123).
Response delay
Puts up a black screen while doing the channel change so you don't see the blue "no video signal" screen. It is completely safe to monkey with this value, decreasing it to see more of your show or increasing it so you don't see the channel banner generated by your satellite receiver or digital cable box.
Pre-command delay
How long Replay waits between sending a wake up signal and the first digit. Increase this if your box often misses the first digit in a channel change.
Inter-command delay
This one is a bit unclear. Is it the time between the last digit and Enter? Not really sure. One thing I have noticed, though, is that this value seems to always be greater than or equal to the Inter-action delay in every set of good codes.