The Linux boot CD for running RTVPatch (and add IR codes among other things)

--- You apparently cannot restore from a ReplayTV image file using this boot CD.
But you can use it to copy from one ReplayTV hard drive to another (upgrade) ---

Here's some info from FlipFlop's post at AVS Forum about the Linux boot CD:

"I made a bootable CD image which runs an RNS proxy. This will allow you to run shellcmds without having to install WiRNS, and without any PC software setup. To use this, you will need a broadband connection, and a DHCP server on your network.
This is a bootable Linux CD disk image of RTVPatch version 2.5.5, for use in standalone upgrades (i.e. it bypasses any O/S you have installed, so you can use this on any PC with a CD drive and an IDE interface.) In particular, it is useful for people with Win9x machines. The CD has network support enabled, so if you don't have a network cable connected, or don't have a DHCP server on your network, it will have about a 1 minute pause on bootup, and then continue. This image also runs a RNS server proxy. To use this proxy you will need a broadband network connection and a DHCP server on your network. Boot a computer on your network using this CD. Then set your ReplayTV DNS server to the IP address displayed on the bootup screen to use this proxy. When you do a net connect through this proxy, it will execute a script stored on the Photo section of the ReplayTV. The script is Photo/install/shellcmds This CD also automatically detects any ReplayTVs on the network, and automatically copies the RID and shellcmds files to all ReplayTVs, so they are ready to be installed via the proxied net-connect."

-To use the CD just to run RTVPatch, boot from it, login as root with no password and run RTVPatch.

1) Use DVArchive to load the shellcmds, ircodes, ircodesRaw, C1000fi.rid files into a "install" folder on the ReplayTV's Photo section. Include in the "shellcmds" file the commands that you wish to run on net connect

2) Boot a computer using the bootable CD

3) Set your ReplayTV DNS server to the IP address shown on the screen after booting from the CD

4) Force a net connect on your ReplayTV (from setup menu or 243-zones)

5) Change your ReplayTV DNS server back to its original setting (or revert to automatic settings)


- Press Alt-F5 to see a log of the RNS proxy (should show activity when you do a net connect)
- Press Alt-F6 to see a log of the DNS proxy
- You can log in as "root" with no password
- If you don't have a network connection, or don't have a DHCP server on your network, there will be about a 1 minute delay on bootup while the network autoconfig times out
- It includes RTVPatch (version 2.5.5), extract_rtv, and extract_rtv5
- It has ssh, scp, and sftp commands, so you can copy files in or out
- It has lynx (a text mode web browser) which you can use to download image files
- Alt-F1, Alt-F2, Alt-F3, Alt-F4 will switch among 4 console windows
- The CD is based on a minimal rxlinux image:
- the proxy programs are in /usr/sbin. The HTTP proxy runs using xinetd"