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What is IVSmagic?
IVSmagic is an application designed to act as a "proxy" between the Internet and your local ReplayTV unit(s). By design it can take advantage of logging HTTP requests to provide features such as "Show Send Progress". It also has the ability to mimic your ReplayTV's IVS "File-Chunking" server to serve shows previously downloaded to your PC to other ReplayTV units locally or via the Internet. In short, to any ReplayTV on the Internet, IVSmagic will make your ReplayTV and PC based local guide look like one single unit.
What features does it have?
"Send Shows physically located on your PCs Hard-Drive" -- Allows you to send shows to recipients on the Internet (Poopli!) previously downloaded to your PC.

"Send downloaded shows back to your ReplayTV" -- Allows you to perform a "Loopback Send" to physically place a previously downloaded show back onto your ReplayTV. This will work only if your router supports loopback OR if you use WiRNS.

"Send Progress shows percentage complete of shows being sent" -- Provides a "Send Progress" log which shows the progress of all shows being sent from your PC based Local Guide and the designated ReplayTVs you selected to proxy. No more dead-beat non-updaters!

"Receive Progress shows percentage complete of shows being received" -- Similar to the "Send Progress", The "Receive Progress" will list all shows being received on all your Replays.

"RDDNS Server Lookups" -- Provides RDDNS Server lookups for any ISN manually entered as well as saved entries in the integrated "Address Book". There is also an option to take advantage of WiRNS (j.m.'s!) IVSProvider Plugin via an "RDDNS Override Option".

"Internet ReplayTV Address Book" -- Provides a local "Address Book" for your other buddies with ReplayTVs (Poopers).

"RDDNS IVS Status Check" -- Shows RDDNS Server up or down status on the main page. The frequency of when it will check can also be set.

"Full event logging" -- IVSm maintains it's own "error" and "status" logs which are viewable from a link on the Navigation Bar.

"Independent and Fully Integrated Smart Poopli Updater" -- Has a completely integrated "smart" Poopli updater which has options to include your "Received" files and Local Guide into one list that gets sent to Poopli. To Poopli users, all your shows will show up in one list. The "smart" updater will also reformat certain shows to provide the most useful information about the show in your Poop list. For instance, manually recorded shows will show a "pretty" title if you have renamed the show on your ReplayTV. Shows with no episode text will show the description in the episode column. "Received" shows will also display as standard shows not showing the sender's nickname as the show title.
What does it run on?
IVSmagic is tested and confirmed to run on Windows XP/2000 using the Microsoft Internet Explorer v6 Web Browser (or Firefox/Mozilla) as a client for it's web based interface.

No testing has yet been done on Windows 95, 98, ME, or Windows NT.
Will it work with my ReplayTV 40XX or 45XX?
No, primarily because I don't own one. I plan on adding 4k support in the near future but I'd like to get the software as stable as possible for 5k units first. I will also have to purchase a 4k unit too before this happens. That will all depend on if I get enough donations to buy one.
Will it run on my MAC or Linux box?
No. The current beta version only runs on Windows XP/2000.

BUT... This is not to say it *won't* run under Linux/MAC. Due to the sheer portability of PHP code, I'm sure it won't take long for MAC and Linux distributions to be released (I won't be doing them), when I decide to release the source code (see below).
Is it free?
IVSmagic is completely free to download and use.

It is distributed as an closed-source compiled package designed primarily to install on a Windows-based workstation.
Where can I get support?
Public support is available on the IVSmagic forum at Planet Replay.

Thanks again Justin!
Will you send me the source code?

There is a pretty close-knit community of IVSmagic Replay users/hackers on the Planet Replay IVSmagic Forum. If you would like help with development, please signup for an account and post a request there. If you just want the source code and don't plan to help with development and/or beta testing, please don't bother asking.
Holy Schnikees! This stuff rocks!! How can I donate?
If you enjoy the software and plan on using it on a regular basis, please consider donating a few bux to support future development and maintenance releases. You can make a donation through PayPal by clicking the button below:

Before downloading and installing IVSmagic, please read over and understand the concepts in these docs before continuing:

Download links:
  IVSmagic.v0.9.8.4-INSTALL.exe -- IVSmagic v0.9.8.4 Public Beta Release
  IVSmagic.v0.9.8.4-UPDATE.exe -- IVSmagic v0.9.8.4 Public Beta System Update **

  ** This package will update a v0.9.8.3 installation to v0.9.8.4. Be sure to select the correct folder that contains your IVSmagic installation (usually C:\Program Files\IVSmagic). Allow the update to replace all existing files.

  The latest build contains an automated updater. Just click on the "Update Check" link located on the Navigation Bar.

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